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EasyDrift is a simple drift counter that also provides a multitude of events and functions to integrate the system with your own HUD.
If you don’t want to bother with an integration and just want a drift counter for your server, that works too! No dependencies, just put the resource on your server, and drift away!

EasyDrift comes with some cool features
Drag and drop if you don’t want to loose time !
Fixed a popular issue on drift counter where low fps users would get less score
Easy integration with your own HUD
Pre made HUD inspired by forza
Multiple config options to tweak the counter like you want it to be !
The provided UI which is inspired by Forza is not made in HTML / CSS. You can have fun looking at how it’s done and modify it but I wouldn’t really support this part. The goal of the resource is to give you access to an easy to install drift counter, not to teach you how to do UI without HTML / CSS.

The resource is totally without dependence ( ESX / QBCore and so on ). It is totally possible to make an integration, I provide events / exports to do so ( See Github for more information ) but I would not do it myself. It’s up to you to create your own little ESX / QBCore addon or other !
Preview (05/01/2022)
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