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JNews v10.1.3 – WordPress Newspaper Magazine Blog AMP Theme Nulled


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JNews is a modern WordPress theme for a news or magazine website.

Customize your website with themes JNews Very simple and fun. You can see the changes you have made and create your website easily using the Header Builder page builder, 

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 & Customizer


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Features JNews – WordPress Newspaper Magazine Blog AMP Theme



  • Responsive Design. Tested on Google Mobile Friendly
  • Header Builder with Live Preview mode
  • 7 Footer Styles
  • 10 Single Blog Templates
  • Sub interface
  • Integration 

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  • 5 Templates are divided into content


  • Code is carefully tested for High SEO performance
  • Social sharing with like counter, share
  • Optimizing for Google Page Speed is Good for SEO
  • Use Sitemap JSON LD recommended by Google
  • Google AMP support
  • Support 

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  • Validate HTML with W3.org Validator
  • ALT Image Fallback to make sure your image has an ALT . tag

Performance & Code

  • Minified Javascript & Style by default (can be turned off)
  • Super light optimized page
  • Lazy load Image halves website size on first load
  • PHP 7 compatibility to improve load times up to 2x faster than older PHP versions
  • Compatible with WP Super Cache, 

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  • Optimized database queries to reduce queries by 50%
  • Clean and readable code with filters & actions on each element

Advertisement & Marketing

  • Referral Marketing & Affiliate by Integrated Review System JNews
  • Easy integration with Google Ads
  • Responsive ads for both Image & Google ads
  • Email Subscribers Integrated with Widgets & Visual Composer Block
  • Level ad format support with Anchor & Vignette Ads

Options & Backend

  • Very Intuitive Live Preview Options Panel (Customize)
  • More than 700 options on Customizer give you limitless possibilities
  • Auto Import will install Plugin, import content and style to copy complete demo with uninstall feature
  • Fully integrated with Visual Composer (Including Frontend Editor)
  • Add thousands of fonts from Google Font, Typekit fonts, or upload your own
  • Translate easily with our easy translation tool

Social Features

  • The most complete collection of social networks today
  • Number of viewers accessing, sharing and liking
  • Instagram Feed widget & Footer or Header
  • Login & Register with Social Media
  • Facebook Instant Articles
  • Social Button for Social Profile
  • Social Feed Widget


  • Translate easily with the frontend translation plugin
  • Multi-language support with 

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  • RTL support for all components JNews

Special Features

  • Infinite Scroll for more convenient reading
  • Watch Counter and Popular Post
  • Live Search
  • Built in Mega Menu
  • Facebook and Discuss Comment
  • Evaluation of the system with 3 types of points
  • Community forum of BBPress
  • Cart
  • Popular Plugin Integration
  • Website push notifications

Changelog JNews – WordPress Newspaper Magazine Blog AMP Theme Nulled Free

v10.1.3 : 18 February 2022
- [BUG] Fix Polylang issue

v10.1.2 : 17 February 2022
- [BUG] Fix Gutenberg post not save subtitle on first save
- [BUG] Fix loading lazy attribute on normal load
- [BUG] Fix module excerpt length issue
- [BUG] Fix Module Option Abstract Child Theme Issue

v10.1.1 : 10 February 2022
- [BUG] Fix account page styling issue on mobile view
- [BUG] Fix admin dashboard metabox styling
- [BUG] Fix double WPBakery inline css
- [BUG] Fix home url when polylang activated
- [BUG] Fix No content JNews - News Ticker
- [BUG] Fix paywall and split post plugin conflict
- [BUG] Fix prevent photoswipe popup on caption link
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Food Recipe v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Gallery v10.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Push Notification v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Social Login v10.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Split v10.0.2

Version 10.1.0 : 25 January 2022
- [IMPROVEMENT] Update Facebook, Instagram, and Twitch social counter
- [BUG] Fix align-text issue when scrolling
- [BUG] Fix author name not translated in author page
- [BUG] Fix conflict with FluentForms plugin
- [BUG] Fix JSON LD brand
- [BUG] Fix post package dark mode isssue
- [BUG] Fix read time meta custom post template
- [BUG] Fix widget element undefined index issue
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Frontend Submit v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - JSON LD Rich Snippet v10.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Meta Header v10.0.2

v10.0.9 : 17 January 2022
- [IMPROVEMENT] Better view counter query optimization
- [BUG] Fix ads in Module 10
- [BUG] Fix bbPress style issue
- [BUG] Fix dynamic image generator issue
- [BUG] Fix error when polylang is not activated
- [BUG] Fix image URL issue
- [BUG] Fix inline module ads issue.
- [BUG] Fix mobile scroll lag on automotive demo
- [BUG] Fix premium post issue
- [BUG] Fix rtl table text-align issue
- [BUG] Fix wrong URL lost password in popup login
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Paywall v10.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Podcast v10.0.3
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - View Counter v10.0.3

v10.0.8 : 4 January 2022
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add Twitch social author
- [BUG] Fix home URL with Polylang plugin
- [BUG] Fix Image CLS issue
- [BUG] Fix JNews - Block Link Element issue
- [BUG] Fix JNews - Migration Newspaper not pull some fields
- [BUG] Fix no cookie zoom issue
- [BUG] Fix product image disappear when use JNews - Podcast plugin
- [BUG] Fix table text-align issue
- [BUG] Fix unable to change category template issue
- [BUG] Fix WPBakery Backend not showing
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Essential v10.0.4
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Extended Category Option v10.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Frontend Translation v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - JSON LD Rich Snippet v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Newspaper Migration v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Pay Writer v10.0.3
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Podcast v10.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Video v10.0.3

v10.0.7 : 22 December 2021
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add category template support for Polylang
- [IMPROVEMENT] Replace jScrollPane libraries
- [BUG] Fix cart icon color on darkmode
- [BUG] Fix wrong home url when polylang activated
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Customize Detail Category v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Gutenberg v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update Revolution Slider v6.5.12
- [PLUGIN] Update WPBakery Page Builder v6.8.0
- [PLUGIN] Update Yellow Pencil v7.5.3

Version 10.0.6 : 7 December 2021
- [NEW FEATURE] Capability to enable/disable ads in specific posts
- [NEW FEATURE] Capability to remove ads for subscribe or unlock user
- [NEW FEATURE] Override post template by category
- [BUG] Fix Icon Pencil issue
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Essential v10.0.3
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Extended Category Option v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Paywall v10.0.1

v10.0.5 : 2 December 2021
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add hooks to social callback url
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add HTML element to drawer content
- [BUG] Fix Below Mobile Header Menu Background Color issue
- [BUG] Fix excerpt showing shortcode
- [BUG] Fix image upload conflict with litespeed plugin
- [BUG] Fix SERP publish time issue
- [BUG] Fix toggle button Vafpress issue
- [BUG] Fix widget issue
- [BUG] Fix zoom button got reset when scrolling on mobile device
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Essential v10.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Meta Header v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Pay Writer v10.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Podcast v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Social Login v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Video v10.0.2

Version 10.0.4 : 23 November 2021
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add WPML view counter query
- [IMPROVEMENT] Optimized Script Loader to use Exclude scripts from Autoptimize
- [IMPROVEMENT] WP Bakery column gap compatibility
- [BUG] Bring account page `get_current_page()` functions back
- [BUG] Fix a non-numeric value issue
- [BUG] Fix ajax query duplicate post issue.
- [BUG] Fix Breadcrumb section on RTL mode
- [BUG] Fix email share issue
- [BUG] Fix Gallery section on RTL mode
- [BUG] Fix gravatar URL in AMP mode
- [BUG] Fix Hero Block issue in IOS
- [BUG] Fix jetpack view counter only returns last 30 days view
- [BUG] Fix missing translation datepicker
- [BUG] Fix Pay Writer section on RTL mode
- [BUG] Fix random ads position issue on elementor module
- [BUG] Fix registration default role issue
- [BUG] Fix Review section on RTL mode
- [BUG] Fix script ads not working on sticky sidebar
- [BUG] Fix shortcode ads issue in script ads options
- [BUG] Fix social share issue on video post template
- [BUG] Fix Split Post Bottom Navigation issue
- [BUG] Fix Split Post section on RTL mode
- [BUG] Fix video playlist embed code issue
- [BUG] Fix view counter not update on cached page
- [BUG] Fix view counter notice issue
- [BUG] Fix Weather Forecast Cache not working
- [BUG] Fix widget from another plugin issue
- [BUG] Fix WPForms input select issue
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - AMP v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Breadcrumb v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Essential v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Gallery v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Pay Writer v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Review v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Social Share v10.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Split v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Video v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - View Counter v10.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Weather v10.0.1

v10.0.3: 15 October 2021
- [BUG] Fix issue zoom button class always appears even when the zoom button is disabled.
- [BUG] Fix speed booster console error, update jquery exclusion to include WordPress 5.6 jquery.min.js.
- [BONUS] I included both nulled and clean copies if you may need to customize it on your end.

- [IMPROVEMENT] Update license system callback for custom admin url
- [BUG] Fix module view meta issue
- [BUG] Fix warning PHP notice on page asset loader
- [BUG] Fix missing translation in view counter plugin
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Social Share v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - View Counter v10.0.1

- [BUG] Fix customzier issue
- [BUG] Fix license issue

- [NEW PLUGIN] JNews - Pay Writer v10.0.0
- [IMPROVEMENT] JNews - View Counter : Added statistic page to the account page to allow users to see from there what is popular.
- [IMPROVEMENT] JNews - View Counter : Option to set counts interval
- [IMPROVEMENT] JNews - View Counter : Excluding counts from visitors: bots, logged in users, selected user roles
- [IMPROVEMENT] JNews - View Counter : Excluding users by IPs
- [IMPROVEMENT] JNews - View Counter : Database queries are regenerated from scratch for optimization.
- [IMPROVEMENT] JNews - View Counter : Added the ability to limit logged data
- [IMPROVEMENT] Sync WPML translated post to the main language counter
- [IMPROVEMENT] Shortcode option in Inline Module Advertisement (Category Ads)
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add bookmark button to Post meta view element
- [BUG] Fix Account Page for Multi Language or Polylang
- [BUG] Fix header filter issue on WPML post
- [BUG] Fix Double Sticky Sidebar issue when scrolling up the page
- [BUG] Fix custom typography issue
- [BUG] Fix missing preview profile picture on edit account form
- [BUG] Fix stripe table color on dark mode
- [BUG] Fix zoom button content issue
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Essential v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Breadcrumb v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - JSON LD Rich Snippet v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - View Counter v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Social Share v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Meta Header v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Paywall v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Video v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Podcast v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Gutenberg v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Frontend Submit v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - AMP v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Auto Load Post v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Customize Detail Category v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Extended Category Option v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Frontend Translation v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Gallery v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Instagram Feed v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Tiktok Feed v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Like Button v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Bookmark v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Review v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Food Recipe v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Social Login v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Split v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Weather v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Push Notification v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Subscribe to Download v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Jannah Migration v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - JMagz Migration v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Newsmag Migration v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Newspaper Migration v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Publisher Migration v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Sahifa Migration v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Soledad Migration v10.0.0

- [IMPROVEMENT] Update animated webp
- [IMPROVEMENT] Elementor: '_content_template' is deprecated, use `content_template()` instead
- [BUG] Fix warning undefined index in Elementor editor
- [BUG] Fix deprecated block_categories hook
- [BUG] Fix module latest modified filter option
- [BUG] Fix Share Title issue
- [BUG] Fix zoom button issue
- [BUG] Fix: Undefined index warning message in JNews - Essential
- [BUG] Fix Video Only post format when sorted by View Counter issue
- [BUG] Fix zoom issue on using floating share bar.
- [BUG] Remove unsupported featured image module gallery size option.
- [BUG] Fix Main Menu with Gutenberg plugin issue
- [BUG] Fix Paywall error on WP Bakery frontend editor
- [BUG] Fix Footer Menu in Safari
- [BUG] Fix preview video in post editor (admin dashboard), cannot preview if URL has a parameters
- [BUG] Fix preview video if is a URL (submit post in admin dashboard, and check in frontend submit)
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Video v9.0.5
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Paywall v9.0.3
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Essential v9.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Instagram v9.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Podcast v9.0.4
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Gutenberg v9.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Social Share v9.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - View Counter v9.0.1

See also: Theme repository 

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