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esx Interactive Guide for your server


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WS Guide

This is an interactive guide for your FiveM Server, give players the tour around your city.

Description • Interactive tour showing the player Los Santos • Voiceovers telling the player about the spots • Possibility for the player to bet items or money • Custom UI to start the tour included • Logs via Discord Webhook • Low ms (< 0.03ms)

Config • Messages • Notification event can be adjusted in the config • HelpNotification event can be adjusted in the config • Whether the tour can be completed several times • Voiceovers can be adjusted in the config • Spots to be driven can be adjusted in the config • Discord Webhook ak/deactivate

Info • The color of the UI is completely customizable, see style.css

You can edit the voice etc by changing the files.

Dependencies • es_extended 1.1 / 1.2



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