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esx Advanced Owned FiveM Gas Stations


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Describe :

This resource let you to manage your gas station and players can buy them. In this script player can owned gas station and manage their station. Player can change : station name , gas price , buy gas for their station , forsale state to sell their station and wallet to claim their money
Features :

Not IP lock
Players can buy a gas station as much as they likes
Station name
Gas price
their station wallet
Buy gas litre
for sale state to buy/sell station
station price ( They can sell their station as much as they like )
edit blip name
Admin can change for sale state in station
Players also can do their works with command
players can see all station state in ui page and mark the location in map
Every Stations have buymenu and managemenu, you can change the stations zone menu in config file
when player refuel their car the money will go to the station wallet and player can claim them


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