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About Me

  1. Server cfg: [Hidden Content] Resources.cfg: [Hidden Content] SERVER Files: [Hidden Content]
  2. Download: [Hidden Content] DB: [Hidden Content]
  3. Summary: Grow drug plants later process them and consume or sell. Everything is in one place with clean UI and well-made animations and effects. You can create drugs, drug plants and add up to 14 effects to one drug. Effects range from visual to beneficial ones. Features: Growing plants Creating drugs yourself Processing tables Growth speed zones Sell drugs to NPC Consume animations Different plant types Modern UI Dependencies: ESX Customizability: The code is not obfuscated and nicely presented! If you don't like to tinker with code the config allows you to change almost everything! Download: [Hidden Content]
  4. The server starts Gangs/Turf Wars (Great for Gang RP) Great Drug scripts (10+) -full pack Skate Ramps made for 1v1s and teleports to skate ramps Jewellery Store Robbery/Store Robbery's/Bank Robbery's Very highly optimized resources Custom Clothing (370+ Pieces of custom clothing) full pack Custom MLOS/YMAPS full pack
  5. Here we have the 5m servers super server FiveM Leak season 3, its pretty good not sure if it actually is season 3 for this but check it out! Any problems let us know! Download [Hidden Content]
  6. This script comes with all dependencies excpt ESX and ghmatti sql resources - you should have these installed 80% of the time using ESX anyway. Vehicles Stock Vehicles by class Purchase confirmation Open Source Color Changing [Hidden Content]
  7. download link : [Hidden Content]
  8. Download: [Hidden Content] This script will allow you to create jobs in your ESX server base, worth having a look at if you need to create jobs in FiveM
  9. Here you can find the download for the D Phone for FiveM ESX Servers the D Phone looks great and should work nicely. Download here: [Hidden Content]
  10. This is OX Base it comes with a lot of things required to get started building your own FiveM server. This is an ESX Legacy server “base” centered around resources from overextended Core being ox_inventory and ox fork of ESX Legacy THIS IS NOT A FULL SERVER. Only a base set of resources pre-configured to get you started. [Hidden Content]
  11. YouTube: downolade Link: [Hidden Content]
  12. Download Link: [Hidden Content]
  13. Here we have echo RP server files ESX Leaked Download: [Hidden Content]
  14. Preview: Download: [Hidden Content]
  15. Preview: Download: [Hidden Content]
  16. Borna7

    esx Banking

  17. Preview link: Download link: [Hidden Content]
  18. aurora_napredak.rar
  19. Preview: Download: [Hidden Content]
  20. Preview: Download: [Hidden Content]
  21. Preview: [Hidden Content] Download: [Hidden Content]
  22. Borna7

    esx Shops

    [Hidden Content]
  23. [Hidden Content]
  24. [Hidden Content]
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